Hi! I'm Daniel Wei.

I'm a student at Cornell University studying Computer Science, with minors in UX Design and East Asian Studies. I've been programming for about 7 years, and designing for about 4.

I'm a design engineer. That means I do all things user-facing: from UI/UX design to front-end development. I believe in:

  • Honest, self-guiding, brutalist design.
  • Functional programming as the key to building front-ends that scale.
  • The power of explicit, idealistic, top-down, infrastructural systems.

I've been in the tech start-up scene since 2019, as a high school founder at Leangap. I've since worked in various front-end facing roles at Y-Combinator, Entrepreneur-First, Neo, and Mark Cuban-backed start-ups. I've co-paneled talks with BobaTalks and Cornell APAA. I'm a Neo Scholar Finalist.

On campus, I'm currently a Project Manager for Design Consulting at Cornell. I was also the Lead of Development on our campus' largest software engineering team, Cornell DTI, for about a year.

Outside of work: I'm trying to learn landscape and urban photography. I do some casual writing, occasionally centered on themes from Chinese and Asian Diasporic history. I'm collecting ghosts on Are.na.

I'm passionate about start-ups that push the limits of what collaborative networks humans can do together, at the intersection of design and technology.

Let's chat!